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sadie the dog

hi I'm sadie

I’m your Carmel concierge Carmel is one of the premier places for us furry canines to visit. We can dine with our human companions at over 12 restaurants, play off leash at beautiful white sand beaches, and lavish hotels that accomodate us.

Scroll down to see all the wonderful places to go in this little town.

The Vagabond's House, a pet friendly Carmel Boutique Inn, is a wonderful place to stay as you travel with your pet to Carmel. Carmel is a pet friendly town where dogs can run free on Carmel Beach, and walk on leash throughout the town. Doggie pick up bags and a spot to wash off your pet after a romp at the beach are located in the Courtyard.

When you make your reservation please notify us that your pet(s) will be joining you. Please note: There is a $30 pet fee per night for one pet, a $50 fee for 2 pets, or a $70 charge for three pets per night.

dog badge

A recent Yappy visitor was heard to say: "I travel to Carmel because I can run leash free on the beach and walk all over town on leash.  I stay at dog friendly Carmel Boutique Inns because they pamper me with things like complimentary after-the-beach wash stations and Doggie pick up bags."


newton's paws  
  1. A Puppy in motion stays in motion. Please keep these critters on lead.
  2. A puppy at rest, stays at rest—as long as they are on a CBI complimentary PET BLANKET!
  3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So please, be aware of your dog’s behavior—in public & private areas. 
  4. Above all, Newton asks that a fellow dog companion never be left in a room unattended—under any circumstances. CBI has a list of PET SITTERS at the Front Desk, for your convenience.


The Vagabond's House
4th on Dolores St
Phone: 831.624.7738
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1 SE 4th on Dolores St
California, 93921-2747
USPS Mailing Address:
The Vagabonds House
PO BOX 2747
Carmel, CA 93921-2747
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